Section Information

The Southeastern Section of the MAA (MAA SE) advances the mathematical sciences within the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee by considering mathematical professionals at all levels in the design of its program and activities, with a special emphasis on the collegiate level. Specifically, the MAA SE:

  • communicates with the national MAA organization in order to promote its agenda and informs it of sectional issues and needs;
  • promotes the development of sound pedagogical techniques and the advancement of scholarship in the mathematical sciences;
  • engages undergraduate and graduate students with activities and opportunities that will encourage the pursuit of a career in the mathematical sciences;
  • provides professional development opportunities for faculty members of the section;
  • arranges, in all of its activities, for equal participation by and representation of the five states in the section.

One of the primary activities of the MAA-SE is our annual meeting, which began in 1922, and includes

  • presentations of mathematical research by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students
  • presentations involving the scholarship of teaching and learning undergraduate mathematics
  • professional development activities for new college faculty
  • activities for undergraduate students (posters, Math Jeopardy, scavenger hunt, etc.)