Section Meetings

YearDatesLocationSpeakersTopicsPapers PresentedAttendance
1922April 29Georgia School of Technology563
1923March 10Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GeorgiaMAA Past-president David Eugene Smith, Columbia UniversityTeaching the History of Mathematics in College, Present Reforms in College Entrance Requirements in Mathematics85
1924March 7-8University of Georgia, Athens, GeorgiaMAA Past-president H.E. Slaught, University of Chicago450
1925March 20-21Phillips High School, Birmingham, AlabamaMAA Past-vice-president Oswald Veblen, Princeton University749
1926March 19-20Emory University, Atlanta GeorgiaL.E. Dickson, University of Chicago670
1927April 15-16University of South Carolina, Columbia, South CarolinaW.B Fite, Columbia University740
1928April 13-14Duke University, Durham, North CarolinaG.C Evans, Rice Institute, Houston, TexasFunctions of a Physical Character, Mathematics, Practical and Aesthetic100
1929April 19-20Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia E.P. Lane, University of Chicago4
1930May 2-3Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, GeorgiaG.C. White and E.R.C. Miles, Duke University
1931April 24-25Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, AlabamaR.D. Carmichael, University IllinoisThe Nature of Mathematics, Recent Researches on Number Theory12
1932March 18-19University of Florida, Gainesville, FloridaM.A.A. Past-president Dunham Jackson, University of MinnesotaThe Study of Mathematics948
1933April 7-8University of Georgia, Athens, GeorgiaFrank Morley, Johns Hopkins UniversityThe Old Order Changeth1068
1934March 30-31University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AlabamaM.A.A. President Arnold Dresden, Swartmore CollegeThe Mathematical Association of America and American Mathematics21128
1935March 22-23Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GeorgiaK.P. Williams, Indiana University159
1936April 17-18University of South Carolina, Columbia, South CarolinaWalter Bartky, University of ChicagoThe expanding Universe-Pro and Con24
1937April 16-17Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeM.A.A. Past-president R.D. Carmichael, University of IllinoisDiscovery of the Freedom to Inquire150
1938April 1-2Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, GeorgiaM.A.A. Past-president F.D. Murnaghan, Johns Hopkins UniversityThe Basic Ideas of Arithmetic and Algebra250
1939March 24-25The Citadel, Charleston, South CarolinaW.B. Carver, Cornell UniversityThe Mathematical Puzzle as a Stimulus to Mathematical Work29140
1940March 29-30University of GeorgiaTomlinson Fort, Dean of Graduate School, Lehigh UniversityMathematics and the Sciences42300
1941March 18-19University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North CarolinaM.A.A. Past Vice-president L.P. Eisenhart of Princeton UniversityThe Teaching of Mathematics22200
1942-1945No meeting due to World War II
1946March 19-20North Carolina State College, Raleigh, North CarolinaG.T. Whyburn, University of VirginiaSurface Topology and Mappings20125
1947March 18-19University of South Carolina, Columbia, South CarolinaL.M. Graves, University of ChicagoUndergraduate Mathematics Curricula24141
1948March 19-20The Citadel, Charleston, South CarolinaLt.Col. R.C. Yates, U.S. Military AcademySome Properties of Plane Curves21150
1949March 18-19University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama31200
1950April 7-8University of Florida, Gainesville, FloridaWalter S. Snyder, University of TennesseeThe Monte Carlo Method44250
1951March 16-17Vanderbilt university, Nashville, TennesseeM.A.A. President Saunders MacLane, University of ChicagoWhat Makes Students Think?33
1952March 21-22Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GeorgiaA.C. Coble, University of Illinois38250
1953March 13-14Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Alabamanone37200
1954March 19-20University of South Carolina, Columbia, South CarolinaEmil Artin, Princeton UniversityThe Theory of Braids43200
1955March 11-12Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Cookville, TennesseeM.A.A. President E.J. McShane, University of Virginia; A.W. Tucker, Princeton University39180
1956March 16-17U.S. Navy Supply School, University of Georgia, Athens, GeorgiaGeorge Polya, Stanford University49250
1957March 15-16Emory University, Atlanta, GeorgiaPaul Halmos, University of ChicagoOne + One = One43300
1958March 14-15University of Florida, Gainesville, FloridaF.A. Ficken, University of Tennessee; Trevor Evans, Emory University35219
1959March 20-21East Tennessee State College, Johnson City, TennesseeW.S. Synder, University of TennesseeHiroshima and Nagasaki and some of the Mathematical Problems they Raise45210
1960April 1-2Wade Hampton Hotel, Columbia, South Carolina, University of South Carolina as HostJohn G. Kemeny, Dartmouth CollegeMarkov Chain Theory-Expository Treatment27176
1961April 7-8Wofford College, Spartanburg, South CarolinaR.M. Thrall, University of MichiganDouble Description and Duality in Linear Systems
1962March 30-31Woman's College of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North CarolinaMagnus R. Hestenes, University of California at Los AngelesAn Algebra for Rectangular Matrices23198
1963March 29-30Hotel Patten, Chattanooga, Tennessee, University of Chattanooga as HostM.A.A. Past-president G. Baley Price, University of Kansas; Edwin Hewitt, University of Washington; A.D. Wallace, Tulane University29260
1964March 20-21Frances Marion Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina, The Citadel as HostSection Vice-chairman M. Kirk Fort, University of Georgia; R.P. Agnew, Cornell UniversityCounting Up26242
1965April 9-10Wake Forest College, Wake Forest, North CarolinaM.A.A. President R.L. Wilder, University of Michigan; E.E. Floyd, University of Virginia; L.W. Cohen, Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences36308
1966March 25-26Emory University, Atlanta, GeorgiaPaul Halmos, University of Miami; Leonard Carlitz, Duke University32340
1967March 31-April 1Florida Presbyterian College, St. Petersburg, FloridaF.A. Ficken, New York University36278
1968March 29-30East Carolina University, Greenville, North CarolinaVictor L. Klee, Jr., University of Washington; Trevor Evans, Emory University; Herman Meyer, University of Miami39313
1969March 28-29Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South CarolinaM.A.A. President Gail S. Young, Tulane University; Section Vice-chairman Emilie Haynsworth, Auburn University20265
1970March 20-21Clemson University, Clemson, South CarolinaHans Sagan, North Carolina Stare University; Section Vice-Chairman Andrew Sobczyk, Clemson University; J.W. Mettler, Pennsylvania State University, on behalf of C.U.P.M.24297
1971March 26-27University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AlabamaR.P. Boas, Northwestern University; Donald Bushaw, Washington State University28227
1972March 24-25Samford University, Birmingham, AlabamaC.H. Edwards, Jr., University of GeorgiaManifolds, Geometry and Mechanics25215
1973March 9-10North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North CarolinaRichard F. Arenstorf, Vanderbilt University; Alex Rosenberg, Cornell University; J.R. Shoenfeld, Duke UniversityPeriodic Earth-Moon Bus Orbits; The Impact of Computing on Freshman and Sophomore Mathematics Courses; Marin's Axiom44332
1974March 29-30University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TennesseeJohn W. Neuberger, Emory University; Ernst Snapper, Dartmouth College; R.J. Plemmons, University of Tennessee-Knoxville50324
1975March 21-22University of South Alabama, Mobile, AlabamaM.A.A. President Henry O. Pollak, Bell Laboratories; R. Creighton Buck, University of Wisconsin; W. Robert Mann, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill28225
1976March 26-27Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, North CarolinaJoel V. Brawley, Clemson University; M.A.A. First Vice-president Ivan Niven, University of Oregon; Murray S. Klamkin, University of Waterloo, Canada44265
1977April 1-2University of Alabama in Huntsville, AlabamaSection Lecuturer, Lida K. Barrett, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; M.A.A. President Henry L. Alder, University of California; Charles C. Lindner, Auburn University32269
1978March 31-April 1Clemson University, Clemson, South CarolinaM.A.A. President-elect Dorothy L. Bernstein, Goucher College; J. Harvey Carruth, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Harley Flanders, Tel Aviv University and the Georgia Institute of Technology35338
1979April 6-7University of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TennesseeTrevor Evans, Emory University; M.A.A. First Vice-president Peter J. Hitlon, Case Western Reserve University; Leonard J. Carlitz, Duke University30312
1980April 11-12Appalachian State University, Boone, North CarolinaRalph P. Boas, Northwestern University; Bruce C. Berndt, University of Illinois; Billy F. Bryant, Vanderbilt University39238
1981April 10-11University of Alabama in BirminghamM.A.A. President Richard D. Anderson, Louisiana State University; Daniel D. Warner, Clemson University; B.F. Caviness, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and General Electric Company35174
1982April 9-10Emory University, Atlanta, GeorgiaLynn A. Steen, St. Olaf College; C. Ray Wylie, Furman University; Marshall Hall, Jr., California Institute of Technology and Emory University49294
1983April 15-16The Citadel, Charleston, South CarolinaIvan Niven, University of Oregon; William T. Trotter, Jr., University of South Carolina; John D. Neff, Georgia Institute of Technology48255
1984April 6-7Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TennesseeLeonard Gilman, University of Texas-Austin; Carl D. Meyer, Jr., North Carolina State University; Garrett Birkhoff, Harvard University and Georgia Institute of Technology38223
1985April 12-13Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North CarolinaDonald F. Kreider, Dartmouth College; Michael F. Barnsley, Georgia Institute of Technology; John W. Kenelly, Clemson University36326
1986April 11-12Auburn University, Auburn, AlabamaAlan C. Tucker, State University of New York at Stony Brook; Carl Pomerance, University of Georgia; John V. Baxley, Wake Forest University36246
1987April 3-4Armstrong State College, Savannah, GeorgiaKenneth A Ross, University of Oregon; Mary F. Neff, Emory University; Henry Frandsen, University of Tennessee-Knoxville55290
1988April 15-16Furman University, Greenville, South CarolinaLeonard Gilman, University of Texas-Austin; Stephen Puckette, University of the South; F. Lee Cook, University of Alabama-Huntsville56333
1989April 7-8University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TennesseeHerbert S. Wilf, University of Pennsylvania; Charles C. Lindner, Auburn University; Harold Reiter, University of North Carolina at Charlotte63361
1990April 6-7Davidson College, Davidson, North CarolinaGerald L. Alexanderson, University of Santa Clara; Irl C. Bivens, Davidson College; Jerald Dauer, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga77420
1991April 5-6University of South Alabama, Mobile, AlabamaShirley Frye, Scottsdale, Arizona; Stephen E. Puckette, University of the South; Daphne Smith, University of Georgia42202
1992April 10-11Kennesaw State College, Kennesaw, GeorgiaM. A. A. Executive Director, Marcia Sward; Carl Pomerance, University of Georgia; John H. Ewing, Indiana University
1993AprilCoastal Carolina University, Conway, SC
1996March 12-13University of Alabama at Huntsville, Huntsville, ALJ.Ernest Wilkins Jr.;
Sylvia Bozeman, Spellman College;
Carl Pomerance, U of GA
Expected Number of Real Zeros of a Random Polynomial;
Is it a Proof Yet?;
Primal Screens
1997March 13-15Georgia Tech and Spellman College, Atlanta, GA
1998College of Charleston, Charleston, SC
1999March 12-13Rhodes College, Memphis, TNJoel Brawley, Clemson U, SC;
Suzanne Lenhart, UT Knoxville, TN;
Tom Banchoff, Brown U. Providence, RI
A Smorgasbord of Mathematical Topics;
Applications of Optimal Control to Various Population Models;
Interactive Mathematics on the Internet-Totally Electronic Journals and Paperless Classrooms
2000March 11-12UNC, Charlotte, NCTina Straley, MAA; Ben Klein, Davidson College; Dan Flath, University of South AlabamaThe MAA at the Sunrise of the Century; Reflections on Teaching and Learning; Partitions71
2001March 30-31Huntingdon College, Montgomery, ALFrank Morgan, Williams College; Andrew Granville, U of GA; Ted Shiffrin, U of GAThe Double Bubble Conjecture and Contest; Number Races; Tidbits of Geometry Through the Ages80300
2002March 8-10Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (Joint Meeting with SE Regional AMS)Robert Bryant, Duke; Johnny Henderson, Auburn; Nigel Kalton, James Oxley, Louisiana State University400650
2003March 21-22Clemson University, Clemson, SC (Joint Meeting with SE Atlantic SIAMRon Graham, U of San Diego; John Baxley, Wake Forest; Ron Harshbarger, USC at Beaufort; Margaret Wright, Courant InstituteGuessing Secrets; The Adventure of Mathematical Ideas; Risky Business: Investigating the Connections Between Mathematics and Business Concepts; Optimization is Everywhere
2004March 26-27Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TNArt Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College; Bruce Palka, UT Austin, TX; Jeff Knisley, East TN State University; Sue Goodman, UNC Chapel HillProofs that Really Count-The Art of Combinatorial Proof; Why Things Go Quasi in Higher Dimensions; From Neurons to Neural Networks-And Back Again; Learning by Doing83300
2005March 11-12Meredith College, Raleigh, NCFrank Farris, Santa Clara University; Bob Frey, Furman University; Doris Schattschneider, Moravian College; Jeff Knisley, East TN State UniversityForbidden Symmetry-Relaxing the Crystallographic Restriction; Mathematics and Endangered Species; The Interplay of Local and Global Symmetry; Multistate Mathematics Instruction425
2006March 31-April 1Auburn University, Auburn, ALRalph C. Smith, NC State; David Anderson, UT Knoxville; David Stone, Georgia Southern University; Susanne Brenner, University of South CarolinaModel Development and Control Design for Nonlinear Smart Material Systems; Can You See a Ring?; Mathematics is Not a Spectator Sport; C Interior Penalty Methods398
2007March 16-17Georgia Southern, Statesboro, GAJoe Gallian, University of Minnesota;
John Swallow, Davidson College;
Mac Priestly, University of the South
Using Groups and Graphs to Create Symmetry;
Circular Irrationalities: From Galois to Kummer and Back Again;
2008March 28-29The Citadel, Charleston, SCGeorge Andrews, Penn State University;
David Sumner, University of South Carolina;
Angela Shiflet, Wofford College
The Lost Notebook of Ramanujan;
Jumping at the Chance;
Computational Science Coursework and Internships: Applying Mathematics and Computer Science to Important Scientific Problems
2009March 13-14Belmont University, Nashville, TNDavid Bressoud, Macalester College
Chris Rodgers, Auburn University
Ron Gould, Emory University
Proofs and Confirmations, The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture;
How to Master Scheduling a Series of Dinner Parties;
Never Give a Non-Mathematician an Even Break
2010March 26-27Elon University, Elon, NCBetty Mayfield, Hood College;
Ron Gould, Emory University;
Patrick Bahls,UNC Asheville;
Hugh Howards, Wake Forest University
Women and Mathematics in the Time of Euler;
Math and Marriage-Don’t Call a Lawyer Yet;
The Role of Trust in Teaching and Learning;
Knots vs. Graphs: An Epic Tale of Survival!
2011April 1-2The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, ALDoug Ensley, Shippensburg University;
John Mayer, University of Alabama at Birmingham;
Martin Jones, College of Charleston;
Jason Parsley, Wake Forest University
Invariants Under Group Actions to Amaze you Friends;
Divide the Pigs! An Introduction to Fair Division;
An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics Using WinBUGS and R;
Weighted Voting Research Arising from a First-Year Seminar
2012March 9-10Clayton State University, Morrow, GAErik Demaine, MIT;
Tim Chartier, Davidson College;
Barry Spieler, Montgomery College;
Tom Hoffman, Coastal Carolina University
Algorithms Meet Art, Puzzles, and Magic;
March Mathness;
A Teacher's Journey;
Determinants, Trace and Fred?
2013March 15-16Winthrop UniversitySam Kaplan, UNC Asheville;
Hua Wang, Georgia Southern University;
Hugh Howards, Wake Forest University;
Rick Gillman, Valparaiso University
Math Ambassador;
Colonel Blotto's Winning Ways;
Forming Borromean Rings from Random Curves;
Why do Left-handed People Survive?
2014March 14-15Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TNJeff Knisley, East Tennessee State University;
Ron Taylor, Berry College;
Robert Devaney, Boston University (MAA President)
Fifty Years of Chaos: From Strange Attractors to Complex Systems to Big Data;
The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set
2015March 13-14University of North Carolina WilmingtonYuliya Babenko, Kennesaw State University;
Joseph Rusinko, Winthrop University;
Virginia Watson, Kennesaw State University;
Linda Braddy, MAA
A Glimpse into the World of Geometric Modeling;
The Tropical Mathematics of Evolution;
MAA 100/ MAASE 93;
The Lion and the Path
2016March 25-26University of Alabama at BirminghamFrancis Su, MAA President;
Chris Raridan, Clayton State University;
Kristen Abernathy, Winthrop University;
Maurice Hendon, University of Georgia
Voting in Agreeable Societies;
Graph Labelings for Everyone!;
Modeling the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis;
Some of my favorite problems from the UGA Math Tournament
2017March 10-11Mercer University, Macon, GAKen Ono, Emory University;
Tim Chartier, Davidson College;
Carolyn Yackel, Mercer University
Gems of Ramanugan and their Lasting Impacts on Mathematics;
Mathematical Celebrity Look-Alikes;
A Traipse through the Mathematical Art Gallery
2018March 23-24Clemson University, Clemson, SCMichael Dorff, Brigham Young University;
Sarah Greenwald, Appalachian State University
How Mathematics is Making Holywood Movies Better;
Popular Culture and Mathematics: Gender, Race, and More
2019March 7-9Lee University, Cleveland, TN